Plus and minus

Writing and etymology in Korean
陽 (양) [yang] – plus
陰 (음) [eum] – minus

Nothing in the world exists on its own. Even molecules are divided into positive and negative ions. Love requires a relationship between subject and object, so it can only live in a pair system. Male and female, plus and minus, the entire creation is organized according to this pattern. Without them, the individual will lose contact with the vast world of the universe.

In electrical engineering, a plus and a minus are always needed for a circuit to start working. Humanity is divided into poles, plus and minus, men and women. Men and women have their own unique genital organs, in which the entire nervous system is concentrated.

When plus and minus meet, a circuit is created and energy flows. A spark is created that symbolizes unity as well as creativity. For something greater to be born small plus and minus must come to unity, and then acquire new value and take the form of a plus. Further, by combining with another minus standing at the position of the object, it will become even larger.

Plus and minus can also be found in the process of division. The upper part is plus, the lower part is minus. Minus means that you are in the position of the receiver. The plus position is the giving position. But if it’s the other way around, then difficulties cannot be avoided. Does it happen that rain comes from the ground to the sky? Can water flow from bottom to top? Which way does the wind blow, from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure, or vice versa?

A human has a soul and body, plus and minus, subject and object. They must be in complete unity. However, there is an ongoing struggle between them. A body that should occupy a minus position behaves like a plus. That is why there is a constant internal conflict within a person. The soul originally occupied the position of plus, but now this position has been usurped by the body.

The restoration of man consists in endowing the soul with a strong positive subjectivity. When a person’s body becomes a minus, he becomes a harmonious person.