Writing and etymology in Korean
知 (지) - wisdom
能 (능) - ability

The human soul possesses intellect, emotion, and will. The Creator endowed us with intellect and will as part of our original nature.

There are two aspects to the human intellect, the internal, and the external. The internal intellect is awakened by internal truth, and the external intellect is awakened by external truth. The search of the internal intellect for the internal side of truth and the attempt to follow it contributed to the emergence and development of religion, while the desire of the external intellect to know the external side of truth led to the birth and development of science.

It is not enough to be intellectually aware of the words of truth. It is only when you feel them with all your heart that you will not hesitate to act.

For students, preparation is study. Young boys and girls should study especially diligently, dreaming of great things. As they develop intellectually, they will be ready to act, applying honed skills and abilities to win in life.