Writing and etymology in Korean
投 (투) – to quit, to reject
入 (입) – enter, join

No one wants to constantly endure loss and be deprived of something. Joy comes when there is a positive return on the contribution.

To create is to contribute. An artist’s cherished desire is to create a masterpiece, and for this, the artist will put all his heart and soul into it. He will do this until he realizes that he has nothing more to add. Only in this way, investing all of himself, will he create a true masterpiece.

To love is to invest one hundred percent. Motivated by love, God created the heavens and the earth by investing Himself one hundred percent. So true love begins with living for others. Parents invest in their children and forget about it, a husband invests in his wife and forgets about it, and a wife also invests in her husband and forgets about it. Brothers and sisters are also invested in each other and forget.

Do you want your partner to be worse or better than you? To achieve that, you have to be invested and forget how much you have given. If you only give one hundred percent, you only get one hundred percent back. So, you have to invest and forget again and again.

Unity arises where people invest creative energy, that is, where there is giving. It is not achieved where people mainly want to receive. Receiving is good, but only if you receive something, add something of yourself and give even more than you received.

Relying on the upbringing you received in your family, you should love the clan, society, and so on, more than you love your family. If you invest, forget about it and love even more, you will gain dominion wherever you go. Contribute in stages, and at each stage your contribution will get bigger and bigger. You forget how much you have invested. Follow a certain methodology to reach higher levels, and try to invest more at each stage.

Put your energy in at 120%. That being said, even if you fail, it won’t count as such. There will definitely be someone who can help you.