Original mind and evil mind

Writing and etymology in Korean
본심과 사심
[bonsimgwa sasim]
本心과 邪心
本心 (본심) [bonsim] – original mind
邪心 (사심) [sasim] – evil mind

Every human being has two minds: one is selfish and the other, the original soul, is a part or reflection of God’s nature. These two minds are always at odds with each other, and this is a real problem for a person. Why is our mind so divided?

People tend to remember only happy moments and forget or ignore anything unpleasant that happened to them in the past. This is part of our original nature. Good things should be good not only for ourselves, but also for our family, relatives, nation and the world.

The original mind wants to go in a certain direction, but the body is in bondage to the fallen nature. This division exists between the original mind and the body. Every person can feel contradictions in themselves and their behaviour. The original mind desires one thing, but the body does not like to do it.

This contradiction developed in human beings after the emergence of the human race. Not understanding the reasons for the emergence of conflict within a person, many people came to the conclusion that the presence of two opposing halves in the human mind meant that the First Cause also had two minds, in other words that the world had two principles: good and evil.

Mankind multiplied from the first parents who fell, thus infecting the entire population of the world with fallen nature. No one could avoid it. Every human being is born with it, and it has flooded the whole world.

Although human beings are crushed under the heavy burden of fallen nature, the original mind of a human being never dies, but constantly strives to be liberated. It seizes every opportunity to come alive and express itself. The highest aspiration of the original mind is to see a joyful universe and a joyful God.