Divine son

Writing and etymology in Korean
聖 – saint
子 – son

The divine son (daughter) loves heaven and earth. He loves his country as God would love it, and maintains God’s dominion in heaven and on earth. Moreover, the divine child knows all the laws in the kingdom of heaven and all the laws of his country on earth, and loves both worlds by following all their laws.

God needs divine sons and daughters. The world needs saints. Countries need devoted citizens and patriots, and families need children of filial piety. At every level, they all follow the straight and true path of truth.

The saint dedicates his life for the good of all mankind. The divine child not only lives for humanity, but serves the people of the world as he would serve God. This is the difference between saints and divine children.

The more we fulfill the duty of filial piety, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters, guided by true love, the more we will develop.

The way of God’s will is the way of love. Because to love is to value the common good above personal interest. This is why the way of God’s will is the way of love.

To become God’s divine child, you must find a heart as loving as God’s heart.