Mystical power of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
신비한 사랑의 힘
[sinbihan sarang-ui him]
神祕한 愛의 力
神祕한 (신비한) [sinbihan] – mystic
愛 (사랑) [sarang] – love
力 (힘) [him] – power

If men and women looked only at each other’s shortcomings, they would never get along and harmony between them would be impossible. However, there is a magical power, a kind of veil, which completely closes the eyes of men and women to their flaws.

Without such a mystical power, nothing in the universe could be held together. What is this magical power? This is what we call love. When this veil covers men and women, they see nothing, and everything becomes so sweet and fragrant. Even the Creator completely melts and does not notice any shortcomings in people, but sees only the cute in them. This can truly be called a disease of love.

The beautiful thing about this disease is that once we catch it, we don’t want to get cured! In fact, it is extremely difficult for men and women to unite because they are so different and opposite. But when they catch the disease of love, they find something pleasant, sweet and close in each other.

When we become infected with love, even imperfections become beautiful. Such love is truly the greatest of all forces in the Universe. When creating this world, Heavenly Parent clearly paid most attention to the disease of love.

Can external beauty be the key to a successful marriage? No. Once we are infected with love, it doesn’t matter whether we are beautiful or not because we only see the good in our partner.

The whole world can achieve harmony through loving relationships and thus embody the highest ideal of the Creator. He has given love the highest position in His creation.