Writing and etymology in Korean
反 (반) [ban] – reverse
復 (복) [bog] – return

To become an expert in any field you need to continually repeat your actions. When we look at our world we’ll see repetition everywhere. What does our life consist of? Every day, all 365 days a year, a cycle of 24 hours is repeated. Once this cycle stops or is disrupted, the entire world will be destroyed.

In certain areas success comes through repetition. Whether we play football, volleyball or basketball, repetition is everywhere. We can’t one day say, “Oh, I’m an expert now. Even if I stop training, the ball will fly wherever I want.” We need to continuously practice millions of times. If we want to become professionals we must do this.

During meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner – don’t we repeat our habits and movements while eating? Blood circulates through our veins as a result of the repetition of heartbeats. What about breathing? If we don’t repeat the breath, what will happen? The same can be said about blinking. Can we stop blinking for one day? Can we stop walking? Walking is also repetition.

Let’s turn to the skill of calligraphy, what gives greater ability to write the letter “A”, writing it once or writing it a thousand times? Obviously, practicing a thousand times is better. In the scientific field it is also necessary to repeat experiments over and over again. Typically, training through repetition is the hardest part.

When we reach the top, where should we go after that? We have to head down to the bottom. We go up, then we go down, and then we go up again. And again it is also a repetition.

Repetition is like a pendulum. As we swing from side to side, we will flourish and grow, and if we don’t, we will become smaller and smaller until we disappear.

Having started a task and continuing to repeat it, we will prosper and improve, but if we do not do this, we will diminish. Repetition means development and progress. Stopping will lead to rollback and defeat.