Round shape

Writing and etymology in Korean
圓 (원) [won] – round
形 (형) [hyeong] – shape

All creation is fundamentally round; all celestial bodies are round, and they rotate in circular orbits. This is the basis of creation: the more perfect the circle, the more perfect the thing will be in harmony with the universe. This is why rounded shapes are so common in our world. For example, in the human body, all round shapes are the most valuable. On our face important elements are round, the heart also has a round shape.

The round shape creates good feelings because it can easily blend in with anything. The round balls on the billiard table roll back and forth, delighting everyone.

Likewise, our soul should always be round and elastic like a ball and never deflate or become flat. For example, if we are mired in doubt or self-centeredness, if our soul is restless or consumed by a passion for personal gain, it becomes not round, but wrinkled, with flaws. Therefore, we need to smooth out our soul and make it round.