A dream world

Writing and etymology in Korean
꿈꾸는 세계
[kkumkkuneun segye]
꿈꾸는 世界
꿈꾸는 [kkumkkuneun] – dream
世界 (세계) [segye] – world

Human history has seen numerous conflicts carried out to acquire freedom. From the individual level, going through the family, the clan, the tribe, the race and the nation, to the worldwide level, such conflicts are still being carried on. Similarly, the world was limited by the side of evil. As in the past, today people eagerly waited and are waiting for their liberation. That being the case, it is natural for us today to stand in a position where we demand our liberation, and it is natural to advocate liberation. Therefore, seeing human society today, we conclude that absolutely everyone, without exception, since early times, has been dreaming of a world of peace, a world of a unified ideal.