Healing with love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑의 치유
[sarang-ui chiyu]
愛의 治癒
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love
治 (치) [chi] – treat
癒 (유) [yu] – get well

Without exception, all people in today’s world can be considered as patients in a hospital. What do patients in the hospital think about all day? No matter how much money or fame they have, no matter how many things lie ahead of them, they only think about how to get well. No medicine works on these patients, and they remain sick; what they really need is a recipe for love. Only this can heal them.

When the sound of the love bell enters the hospital, patients immediately recover. When they are cured, they themselves will become bells of love, whose ringing will save other people.

Love heals everything. The more we receive it, the more we like it, and the more we become intoxicated by it. Love not only restores a person’s original health, but makes him a new person, capable of loving his family, society, nation and even the whole world. Such a person will become a person of love. Love can even change what’s inside people. They will not only be restored to their former selves, but will become completely new people, having nothing to do with the world of evil, pioneers of the world of love.

The world is filled with unrighteous love and false teachings, which has caused people to become skeptical. They have never seen or tasted true love. Such people need more love than everyone else. We need to give and give and give until their hearts melt.

As long as we have love, we have immunity, and evil will in no way be able to affect us. Evil can always intrude achievements related to money and power, but not love.