Writing and etymology in Korean
治 (치) – manage
癒 (유) – recovery

70-80% of all illnesses arise from spiritual causes. However, most people don’t even realize they are sick.

What is the worst disease in the world? Nowadays, people are afraid of cancer. In the early stages of cancer, a man may not know that he is sick. He will know that he is sick when he begins to feel bad, but by that time the cancer has reached the terminal stage. Nevertheless, a person with cancer recognizes, at least before he dies, that he is sick. But in the case of a disease of the soul caused by a violation of Heaven’s law, people do not realize they are sick until they die. Here is the problem.

Your health depends largely on your internal attitude. Sickness and physical ailments can be controlled by the power of thought. If you are sick, and you think, “I guess I’m going to die,” you really might die. On the contrary, you should think like this: “This disease came not to kill me, but to make me stronger by fighting it. Maybe it will even do good for me!” Then you will soon get well. Win the disease in your soul, and health will come back to you.

We should draw energy from the good spiritual world. Under its influence, a person can feel the boundless joy and new strength that can cure even chronic diseases.

In daily life, you need to think about what remains to be done so that you don’t lose your strength of spirit and energy. If you practice this, you can overcome any difficulties and stay healthy. Your internal sense of the world has great power.

But no matter how healthy your soul is, if you have a sick body, you cannot function as a full person. Therefore, you must take care of both your spiritual and physical health and make a constant effort to unite your soul and body.

In our time, those who live according to Heaven’s law and embody the standard of absolute goodness will prosper.