Writing and etymology in Korean
醫 – 의 [ui]
學 – 학 [hag]

Even the most harmful microbes disappear when confronted by their natural enemies. It only takes to introduce these natural enemies to destroy all bacteria and restore balance to our bodies. What is a cure? It is the natural enemy of disease.

If people learn to apply the principle of natural enemies, they can protect themselves more effectively from disease. We will no longer have to undergo surgery to cure various diseases. God, in His love, did not intend for us to cut or pierce our bodies.

Sometimes doctors will prescribe a very bitter medicine, and even if one does not feel like it, the patient takes it to recover. Real cure often tastes bitter.

Recently, the authority of Oriental medicine has spread throughout the world. This is because it considers the universal law, according to which everything exists in the relationship between the male and the female. It is interesting to explore the methods and means of Oriental medicine; if there are problems on the right side of the body, the left side can be used for treatment.

By successfully combining the methods of Eastern and Western medicine, mankind will be able to cope even with incurable diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

In our time, the problem faced by the population in countries suffering from poverty is the inability to afford medical care in the event of illness. Whereas, on the other side of the globe, people in developed countries, stuff themselves full of unnecessary medicines, and people that are in poverty often die because they cannot afford the simplest medication for the same diarrhea you get in the developed country. Therefore, in addition to eliminating hunger in such countries, medical care including facilities to provide the care is also in a critical need for these countries.