Love yourself

Writing and etymology in Korean
나 자신을 사랑하라
[na jasin-eul saranghara]
自身을 愛하라
自 (나) [na] – self
身 (자신) [jasin] – body
愛 (사랑) [sarang] – love

Everyone enjoys communicating with someone who is optimistic. Heavenly Parent also likes such people, and He will help them even more than those who are constantly gloomy under the weight of their problems. Nobody likes to constantly listen to criticism.

If we don’t like ourselves, how can anyone else like us? The person who hates himself causes hatred in others. People don’t like such a person. If a person doesn’t even love himself, how can he hope to be loved by other people?

It is quite natural that loving myself I love my parents. If I love myself, then maybe someone will love me too. Having learned to love myself, I will be able to love other people. We must think this way. If we apply this rule in our life, other people will love us. If we are loved, it means that we love ourselves and others.