Owners of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑의 주인
[saran-ui ju-in]
愛의 主人
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love
主人 (주인) [ju-in] – owner

The power of love is incredibly great and mysterious. For example, when parents realize that their child, this little creature with a constantly running nose, gives them the right to become the owners of love, the strength of their feelings begins to grow. This happens because the small child has made the parents the owners of love.

As a parent, we cannot define the center of love without considering the children. Only after we have children they will define us, their parents, as the owners of parental love. No matter how high a position we occupy, if we do not have children, we will not know parental love.

Where should the love between parent and child be located, more towards the parent or more towards the child? Of course, the parent is bigger than his child, but even if the child is small, the parent would like it better if the love between them occupied a central position. If the center of love shifts towards the parent and away from the child, there will be no unity. Who determines the position of the ruler of love? The partner, the object – it is he who always determines the center of love.

No matter how handsome a man is, he alone cannot become the owner of marital love. For this he needs a wife. It is the wife who defines her husband as the subject or owner of the marital relationship. For a woman to become the owner of love, ready to give her love to a man, she needs a husband.

We, the children of Heavenly Parent, must strive for personal excellence through the mutual love of men and women in order to rise to God’s level. And then the Creator will be able to love us, and we will receive the right to love Him. Only then will God descend to us and live with us.

We need to become absolute and eternal owners of love. By becoming them, we will become the center of true love, equal to the Creator.