Pinnacle of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑의 정점
[saran-ui jeongjeom]
愛의 頂點
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love
頂 (정) [jeong] – top
點 (점) [jeom] – point

Have you ever wondered, “Why do I walk? Why do my legs carry me in a certain direction?” Do we go somewhere just to eat? In fact, we go to find love. When our feet hear this, they will say: “Yes, yes, we are carrying you to love.”

Why do we eat three times a day? Not to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but to support your body so that it can experience more love and further improve love.

Why do we need eyes? When dust flies, we blink to protect them, and then quickly open them to see again. Why do our eyes want to see so much? To find love. This is how people are made.

Everyone loves to receive gifts. What gift do we want to receive? If it is very beautiful, but behind it there is greed and deceit, will we accept it? When we receive a gift, we want to receive a loving heart with it.

What’s the fastest thing in the universe? What’s the most powerful? There is one answer to everything: love. Love is faster than everything else. Love is higher than everything, because in history no one could conquer the peak of love. Love is the broadest, the deepest and the smoothest. Its beauty is that even God is not above love. Even He is intoxicated with love!