Writing and etymology in Korean
開拓 (개척) – development, cultivation
者 (자) – person, personality

The pioneers had to suffer a lot, but the more they suffered, the stronger their determination to build a better world became. A pioneer on their way strives to accomplish what no one else can. Because of their efforts and sacrifices, we can now be winners.

The pioneer is always alone, for he is ahead of all. He has no companions. He himself adapts to the existing and creates the new. Consequently, the pioneer has no history, no connections.

The goal of the pioneer is not limited to the current moment; it is always directed toward the search for future values. Only under these conditions is there room for eternal development and hope.

Pioneers and great historical figures did not seek worldly pleasures. They possessed a pioneering spirit, striving to overcome any obstacle to the goal they set for themselves.

Know that you are the pioneers who have made history. A pioneer has to break free from difficult circumstances and prepare for a hopeful tomorrow.

The path of the pioneer can be exhausting and difficult.

The path of the pioneer is full of adventure. He has his own efforts and fighting spirit at his disposal.