Enjoy suffering

Writing and etymology in Korean
고통을 즐겨라
[gotong-eul jeulgyeola]
苦痛을 즐겨라
苦痛 (고통) [gotong] – pain, suffering
즐겨라 [jeulgyeola] – enjoy

Young people need to go directly or indirectly through all the trials that exist in our world, as to read an encyclopedia. Only then can they truly find themselves.

No one lives completely according to plan because all kinds of difficulties arise in life. But you shouldn’t get frustrated and give up, you have to keep moving toward your goal. That’s what it means to overcome difficulties and suffering. It doesn’t feel happiness in the process, but you have to learn to enjoy the suffering. In life, usually we suffer, but the moment we reach the goal, we feel happiness.

Minor inconveniences to the body are trifles of life; all our physical suffering is quickly forgotten on the way to the noble goal.

If we look from the standpoint of sincerity and love, whose face would be prettier-the smiling face of a woman with skillful makeup, or the smile of a woman who has to suffer much and toil tirelessly in the care of her family? A woman who works hard will have a more charming smile. A woman who works hard will have a more charming smile.

If you endure the path of hardship, then you will be able to achieve real happiness. The people we revere as saints, heroes, patriots, and virtuous women became famous historical figures after overcoming hardship and suffering.

If we understand the essence of the Universal Law, we will enjoy any suffering. Because based on suffering comes happiness. You don’t have to complain about not wanting to go the hard way; you have to enjoy it. It means learning a lot. Above all, you have to strive to live that way yourself and teach it to your children. It’s a good education. You have to suffer and fulfill the goals.