Trials (overcoming)

Writing and etymology in Korean
試 (시) [shi] - to try out
驗 (험) [heom] - to test, to check

Just as a year consists of four seasons, there is a period like spring in your life when you receive blessing, a period like summer when your blessing grows, a period like fall when you reap the fruits of blessing, and a winter period of trials. Be grateful for the trials. If you can handle them and get through all of them, a period of spring and new blessings will follow.

Our life is arranged so that it moves up and down, going through certain cycles. A mature person will try to find some sweetness in even the most bitter things and know their real taste.

At times, it seems that you cannot withstand this or that challenge, but with their help, you can prove your value and prove what you are really worth.

With an adventurous and active spirit, you can go anywhere in the world and succeed there. No obstacle is insurmountable. You must learn to overcome any challenge, even the most complicated and difficult obstacles.

You must keep fighting and not give up throughout your life. If your husband or wife endures confrontation, you must vow that your love for your children will be stronger than the worries and heartaches over your other half’s problems. To do this, you need to temper your love in the crucible of hardship.

To successfully overcome the test, you need not for a moment to let your guard down.

Trials temper your character and help you gain an unshakable faith. By overcoming many difficulties, we lay the foundation for victory and become an unshakable rock. If there is one thing that remains in the end, it is the experience of overcoming adversity for the common good.

By overcoming adversity time after time, we get to the point where we can say, “Now I have become a whole person.”