Attitude to life

Writing and etymology in Korean
인생에 대한 태도
[insaeng-e daehan taedo]
人生에 對한 態度
人生 (인생) [insaeng] – life
對 (대) [dae] – right
態度 (태도) [taedo] – attitude

We all think that our lives will last until we are 70 or 80 years old. It is difficult for a person to imagine that he will die before this time. In this sense, we can say that we are insatiable.

But even those who are supposedly confident that they will live a long time have no idea when their end will come. This could happen today or tomorrow. We can die while eating or while sleeping. Has God ever given anyone a guarantee of longevity?

Let’s imagine ourselves in this situation: we know that we will die in a year. In this very short period of time, we need to prepare for our own demise. We might even feel happier in the face of necessity. In the end, we will be able to shorten the period of preparation for death. The less time we take to prepare for death, the less time we will waste in our lives. By being well prepared, we can build a house for our eternal life.

How long do we want to live? What if God commands us to die today? What will we leave behind? Will God be proud of our inheritance? Living in this world, we must be constantly and fully invested. In order to introduce at least one person to true love, we must live profitably all 24 hours a day.

We should not be consumed by worry about worldly goods. If we are sincere in our lives, then in the other world we are guaranteed eternal life.

The less we count on a long earthly life, the more valuable it will seem to us. Let’s think in this context and decide: “Do I love people that much? What does it mean to love your neighbors, family, relatives?” This is how the foundation of love for all humanity is built. This is a very wise approach to life. Anyone who builds his life in this way will be a winner.