Common Victory

Writing and etymology in Korean
공통 승리
[onton syni]
共通 (공통) [konton ] – common
勝利 (승리) [syni] – victory

Each of us, as an individual, must represent the whole world. Consequently, the individual lives for the common good. It is in this way that true love expands infinitely. We should live not only for ourselves and our family, but also for the good of our country and the world. We must follow this path, even if that path is a sacrificial one.

We should live in the highest interests. Even if we fail as individuals, the hope remains that our demise will serve as an impetus for others.

Victory must not be confined to the individual level; it belongs to the sphere of the common. Personal victory brings only personal joy. But if an individual victory serves the common cause, it becomes part of it. Therefore, the sacrifice made by one individual will be a common victory. By following this principle, the world will prosper.

We cannot abandon our country to perdition. For it, we must do everything in our power, or else we are doomed to defeat. As we stand at the crossroads, we decide whether we will be the victors or the defeated. And this must be decided not in the future, 10 years from now, but now, at this moment. Until you take control of the situation, you cannot win. Those who can’t control the present won’t win in the future.

That is why we must become winners now. We will not achieve victory by sitting in peace and warmth. It would be very difficult for us to wait for the day of joy if we lived only for our own pleasure.

The key to victory or defeat is in our actions. To prevail, we will have to become warriors. We must not become losers and taste the bitterness of defeat. We should analyze ourselves, criticize ourselves, and prepare to overcome all difficulties on the road to victory. If you are anxious for your country, you are bound to feel sorrow.

As we suffer for the good of the country, we should be proud of it. We must be clear: Until we witness our country’s victory, we must endure adversity and struggle. Even when we find ourselves on the road of death, we must keep going. We can only live with this conviction.