Writing and etymology in Korean
利 (리) - benefit
己 (기 ) - myself
主義 (주의 ) - doctrine, -ism

Egocentrism is the misappropriation of what belongs to others. This attitude is ruining our world. Knowing this Universal Law, people should return to a world of unity, but instead they continue their game and try to pull the world over themselves. This is what evil is.

Evil begins with pride, with the attitude, “I am the subject; I am the center. God’s creation principle says, “Live for the good of others,” while the evil nature of man declares: “Live for me.”

The nature of individualism reflects a tendency to treat everything, even God, from an egocentric perspective. Know that self-centered love and self-centered values born of arrogance and presumptuousness are signs that God is already leaving you.

The origin of good and evil must be clearly understood. Bad people expect others to live for them. God desires to eradicate such a tendency by directing people not to be arrogant, to live for others, and to serve their neighbor.

Because people’s mostly thinking is egoistic, they criticize others. When someone has something good, people want to take it away. Such people are doomed to perish. What are you focused on, yourself or others? No one but yourself will solve your problems.

People are not meant to live for themselves. However, many people today live solely for themselves. They say, “I live for myself. Such people are worthy of pity, like orphans who have no parents or siblings.

People who live their lives according to the “me first” principle are doomed to perish. In pursuing their personal desires, they harm other people and their country. Such people will perish. A person should not use what belongs to the country for his or her own personal gain–on the contrary, people should sacrifice themselves for the country. That is their civic duty.

Cleanse your soul from greed and your heart from pride, or you will not be successful.