Writing and etymology in Korean
自體 (자체) [jache] – self, by myself
自覺 (자각) [jagag] – self-sense, self-awareness

Jachejagag is an individualistic self-awareness based on self, a desire to build relationships based on self. The Jachejagag mindset is that there is nothing more important in the world than myself.

Selfish individualism leads to destruction, and its pervasiveness drives us into a corner and divides us. It causes families to fall apart, societies to fall apart, and nations to become weaker. As selfish individualism strengthens, our world, along with all countries, is lost, and a normal society is nowhere to be found.

But the truth is that people cannot live outside of relationships. Everything exists because of relationships. If society values them above all else, it will encourage people to build relationships with partners, because this is the necessary nucleus for uniting the world. Unity is achieved first in the family. Then such families build relationships with their neighbors and form a unified community. By following this principle, people will be able to form a whole, by joining together from all corners of the globe.

If we cease to magnify ourselves and begin to live for one another, taking care of each other and being proud of each other, we can grow and develop. If one person or group thinks they are better than others and live selfishly, there will be no development. We need to embrace all people by love.