Writing and etymology in Korean
他體 (타체) [tache] – others
自覺 (자각) [chagak] – self-perception, self-awareness

What is 자각 (chagak)? It is self-awareness. “Chagak” is the original motivation, the starting point.

“Tachechagak” is self-awareness based on others, on the Parent. All of our feelings come from our parents. This means that we need to feel that we exist because of our parents; we originated because the Heavenly Parent created us. So, we need to evaluate everything from the perspective of the Parent.

A life of “tachechagak” is when we receive recognition from others for our accomplishments. It means that I exist only when others recognize me. Wherever we are, it is important that those around us, looking at our changes, recognize that we are really good people. We need to get that recognition–that’s what “tachechagak” is.

Rather than demanding submission from one’s partner, it is necessary to have the conviction that the subject exists for the good of the object. It is through this that everything comes to unity and the possibility for progress and development emerges. In other words, the standard of peace, happiness, love, and the ideal is living for the good of others.

We need to live the lifestyle of “tachechagak,” and gain awareness through our actions. And to achieve this, we have to practice.