Faith and reality

Writing and etymology in Korean
믿음과 현실
[mid-eumgwa hyeonsil]
信仰과 現實
信仰 (믿음) [mid-eum] - faith
現實 (현실) [hyeonsil] - reality

When considering issues of human life, we are always faced with problems pertaining to material things. How can we make the connection between faith and reality with our knowledge? It cannot be done by thinking only about the lives of ordinary people. But we can find a model by studying the fortunes of saints and sages of the past and see how they related to material goods and how they built their relationships with people. What were their goals and motivations?

These great men began their lives of faith by turning all their thoughts to their Heavenly Parent, not to themselves. As we study their lives, we find that they all experienced the contradictions of a life of faith and reality. But they were able to resolve it when they were not based on their desires.

In every area, they gave themselves completely to their relationship with the Heavenly Parent because there was no one else to rely on but Him. They did not lose heart.

This is why we, too, must remain optimistic in a difficult situation. It is always possible to keep going, and there should be no reason to be discouraged.

These days the world is rushing toward destruction; people have no hope, only despair. But unchanging people, rising above death, must emerge from this chaos and distress. The mutability must go, and the eternal qualities must remain.

We need to notice not only the bad things we would like to change, but also the good things we would like to multiply for the nation and humanity. When we look at the world through the eyes of the Parent, we will continually grow.

But unfortunately, in this world we like to remain as we are. At the same time, we want to avoid dying, and we want to avoid being defeated by the reality of this world. The only way to overcome this situation and find eternal truth is to transcend death and come to life, to overcome mortality and become unchanging.