Writing and etymology in Korean
漁 (어) – to fish
業 (업) – work

Nowadays, more and more young people want to learn how to fish, and even women dream about it!

Fishing is not a recreational activity. No matter how many fish are in the sea, they will never jump into your boat! To catch even one fish, you need special knowledge and a lot of experience. The fisherman must know how to fix a net, fix an anchor line, etc. If you have had good training and become a real fisherman, you can go anywhere and become a good leader. Fishing training is also a great way to develop the skills to become leaders.

To build a farm and raise cattles, you have to buy a piece of land first, but you don’t need to buy any land to fish. All we need is a small boat to go out to the sea and to catch fish. After all, the ocean is a treasure trove of all kinds of food.

Even in the fiercest storm with a hurricane wind, fish sleep peacefully in the depths of the water. It just surrenders to the waves, not resisting. That’s what you can learn from fish. Go on a fishing trip to the open sea, decide for yourself that you will not be afraid, no matter how strong the storm is.

It is necessary to discover new areas of water suitable for fishing. After all, if you fish constantly in the same place, the number of fish decreases markedly, so it is essential to change the places of fishing and find new ones. This way we will make a significant contribution to the fishing industry.