Writing and etymology in Korean

Salmon can teach man a truly wonderful lesson. It loves and then dies, becoming food for its growing offspring. An incredible example of a living creature that sacrifices its life for love!

There are different kinds of salmon. If released after a couple of months, their fry will breed in freshwater and swim out to the sea. After four years, salmon become mature enough to throw eggs. Where do adult female and male salmon find love partners when it’s time to spawn? Instinct compels them to follow to the place where they were born.

In four years, these fish swim four to five thousand miles, and then by instinct, find their way back to where they were born. Even now, scientists can’t explain this miracle. How do salmon return – by some kind of special antenna or radar?

When the female lays its eggs, the male buries them in the ground for protection. It really is a perfect mate. After they spawn, the salmon die. And then the bodies of the parents become food for the fry. When you observe that, you realize how important offsprings are and how important love is. And this is an example of love for couples.