Writing and etymology in Korean
奇 (기) – strangeness
跡 (적) – trace, mark

The unity of mind and body generates an incredible invisible power. If you reach this state, miraculous things will happen. By uniting with God’s love, you will be able to create miracles. Your palms will radiate healing energy. What is that energy? It is the energy of love. Love can do miracles.

A man, by concentrating his spirit through spiritual discipline, can find himself in the position of a perfect object before the Creator. In doing so, a man feels that he can squeeze the whole world in his fist, and it will melt in his hand. When one reaches that state, miracles automatically begin to happen.

You will witness miracles if you cultivate the right attitude. The most important part of the launching pad is the foundation, which must not collapse. Your prayer is like launching a rocket, and it needs a solid foundation. Praying for the good of the community will purify you and further elevate you as a person who lives for the good of all people. If you put your focus in your prayer that you will meet a certain person at a certain time, that person will indeed come. If you are truly sincere, similar things will begin to happen.