Writing and etymology in Korean
趣 (취) – interesting; to interest
味 (미) – taste

The culture associated with classes of interest, with hobbies, is present everywhere. From the beginning of life, there must be something interesting to do.

Everyone should enjoy their favorite activities. Hobbies are not done at someone else’s command. A hobby is something we do with pleasure. When you’re passionate about what you love to do, you can forget about sleep. What does money or circumstances have to do with it? So, all of these things-our leisure time, the entertainment industry, finding favorite things to do, and so on-must be based on goodness.

Live with true love and live interestingly. The culture of love is a culture of hobby, so a life full of hobby activities is filled with love.

Getting rid of stress is the best cure for all modern illnesses, and there is no better way to do this than by engaging in the things you love.

The hobby industry is different from the entertainment industry. For the entertainment industry, income is an end in itself; the hobby industry, on the other hand, is about doing what you love.

In the future, the birth of a new international economic organization and a new order will be the impetus for incredible development. Thus, people will live in prosperity and have free time for leisure.

The time is coming when more and more people will begin to think about the entertainment industry, a world based on hobbies. The businesses of the future will be connected to the entertainment industry. The age of production technology is a time when people don’t work and automatons do everything instead. This is the kind of time that will come. It is already evident now.

One push of a button is enough to make the machine work. The time will come, and instead of an enterprise with thousands of workers, there will be three or four machines working day and night. Everything related to entertainment and fashion-whatever falls into the category of the entertainment industry-will develop.