Foundation of the family

Writing and etymology in Korean
가족의 기본
[gajog-ui gibon]
家族의 基本
家 (가) [ga] – home; family
族 (족) [jog] – clan; tribe
基 (기) [gi] – foundation; basis
本 (본) [bon] – root; basis

The purpose of creation can only be achieved through an ideal family based on true love. The family is the most important link – everything else depends on it. As long as the institution of the family functions properly, the morale of the nation is high; if families do not set an example, a moral nation cannot be expected. Family is the cornerstone in building society.

A family is formed of one man and one woman. Both components, male and female, are necessary; none of them can start a family alone. The three-generation family at the center serves as a model for the nation. Therefore, the goal of the family is to expand to the level of the nation and the whole world. This is the direction that the family must take.

Women absolutely need their husbands. Men absolutely need their wives, they need them in true love. Not temporary and not changeable love. This is the universal basis. No one can move it. Not even the most powerful force can shake it. Without such a foundation we cannot build an ideal world.

Family is the beginning of a nation. Without family there will be no nation. Society cannot trust a person without knowing his family.

The founding of a family is the most important place: the place where heaven is created. Family goal is true love. Heaven will forever abide with the family, where three generations live together in harmony.