Greatness of soul

Writing and etymology in Korean
영혼의 위대함
[yeonghon-ui widaeham]
靈魂의 偉大함
靈魂 (영혼) [yeonghon] – soul
偉大함 (위대함) [widaeham] – greatness

Nowadays people are looking for external things. But the true course of history is not determined by external causes or things. The last word remains with internal things, the inner world of the soul. Suppose you are very successful in making money, in wealth, in power, and in knowledge of the world, but the true owner of money, power and knowledge is not a person. We cannot deny that all creation belongs to God. He does not ask us to look for external things, but wants people to concentrate on the inner world of the soul.

God encourages us to see value in internal things. He is not particularly concerned about our physical or material condition; He is interested in our soul and what it is like.

Heavenly Parent does not pursue money, power or knowledge. All this already belongs to Him. He is looking for a world of the soul that has been destroyed due to human degradation. Because the world of the soul has been destroyed, God is truly unable to control a human.

Our worth is not determined by treasures or wealth, but by the greatness of our soul. Its value is so great that a person simply does not have anything material that he cannot refuse.

A person’s worth is not determined by his appearance. The most significant component of this value is the value of the soul.