Wide soul

Writing and etymology in Korean
관대한 마음
[gwandaehan ma-eum]
寬大한 心

There are things we can see and things we cannot see. Love, life, ideals or thoughts, conscience or soul – all these are things that we cannot see. Do we really have a soul?

We are able to see something alive, but we are not able to see life, as well as love. Can we see personal qualities or character? Although we do not see life, we feel its energy when it comes to us. Also, we are unable to see love, but we can see the expression of love.

Each of us has our own understanding of beauty. When we feel that we are inferior in the beauty of our soul compared to other people, somewhere inside we will feel bad. But if we consider our soul to be beautiful, we will not feel ugliness.

When we hear the word “outside,” we immediately begin to think about what is “inside,” it is something that is closer to “me.” What will be best for me as an individual, from the inside? Even things like love are relative because they require two people. When we are alone, we do not know whether we have love or not. But what do we have that is purely individual?

There are things that we cannot change, but we can change the inner at our own discretion. Our soul can be as big as the ocean; but it may also be so narrow that it is difficult for anything to squeeze through – such a person cannot be called good.

What then can be considered the best? This is a big and beautiful soul. What must we do to cultivate such a soul? If we just sit in comfort and do nothing, our soul becomes narrower. If we hate someone, at that moment our soul becomes ugly.

When we say that the soul is big, it means that it has the ability to tolerate things that it does not like until the situation changes. Also, with such a soul, we can show generosity and understanding towards stupid and even bad things, trying to find something good in them.