Writing and etymology in Korean
寬 (관) – wide
大 (대) – big

The best way to help people is to share generously with them, even if you yourself are in need.

You have to become the kind of person who has something to say, who can do a lot. We need to be people who have something to leave behind after they pass away, generous in both words and deeds.

As you accumulate wealth, don’t think you are accumulating it for your children. Before you pass it on to your children, dedicate it to the good of the world. After all, your children must live for the world. Heavenly Parent will bless you and your family if you are willing to provide for your family, only after you have taken care of your nation and country.

Families who have a hard life are not always unhappy. The ability to share the only piece of bread when the husband gives it to his wife without eating himself, or the wife feeds her husband while she herself remains hungry – how deep is the love in this family!

Everything in this world is arranged so that once you give something away, you don’t have it anymore. Love is different: the more generously you give it away, the more it comes back to you. That’s why it’s nice to people. Love can give at any time, its essence is that it brings satisfaction, pleasure, and joy. Money, no matter how good it is, disappears forever as soon as you spend it. As much as you like power, it tends to weaken as you use it. Love is different: the more you give it away, the more it comes back to you.

Those who are generous and loving to all people will receive a return from them. Give and forget. Don’t keep count of what you give, just forget about it.