Our three parents

Writing and etymology in Korean
우리의 세 부모
[uriui se pumo]
우리의 三父母
우리의 [uriui] – our
三 (세) [se] – three
父母 (부모) [ pumo] – parents

Every person comes into this world through three parents. The first parents are the material world. A human is a complex combination of material elements. We get all the basic elements necessary for the growth of our body from the earth. Therefore, we can say that the physical elements are the ancestors that gave birth to us. On the other hand, the material world is our continuation. The universe was created in such a way that matter can only be formed in the sphere of love. Only in ideal love cells can exist harmoniously. When a person becomes angry, everything is destroyed.

We must love everything that the material world is made of, including our physical bodies and the food that nourishes them. We do not have the right to the love of the Creator, who remains invisible to us until we learn to love everything that He created. By loving everything He created, we comprehend the essence of creation. In the same way we love and nourish our physical body.

Second parents are our physical parents. Together with life, they gave us a unique appearance, and in this sense they are the masters of our life. However, no matter how hard they try, they cannot be the owners of our love.

The Owner of love is God. God exists to enable love to embrace the entire Universe and become eternal. As the subject of love, God is the parent of love. This is why God is our third parent.

In order to meet our third parent, we must work hard. To have the opportunity to meet our original parent – God, we must become like Him.