Writing and etymology in Korean
評 (평) [pyeong] – evaluate
判 (평) [pan] – judgment

There are many people in the world who are only interested in their own fame and reputation. Is there any value in a positive reputation? In one generation a name may be famous, but the next generation may criticize and trample on it; its earthly value changes over time.

If a person has done a lot of great things not for himself, but for the good of the country, his works will be exhibited in a museum, but if his country is destroyed, then at the same time the value of what he has done will be destroyed.

Nations come and go, and man lives even less, but there is one source and one person whose life lasts forever. This immortal subject is God, He is the creator of the universe.

Our souls recognize this universal essence, so we always place our hope in Him, try to follow His guidance, and build our lives according to His standards. The best way to immortalize your name and your works is to place your life in his imperishable museum. But there are incredible difficulties that await a person on the way to this goal.