School of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑의 학교
[salang-ui haggyo]
愛의 學校
愛 (사랑) [salang] – love
學校 (학교) [haggyo] – school

Heavenly Parent gave us a family to be a textbook for us, a school of love and relationships in which people learn to interact with the world. By studying in the school of love, you will love your family. Who is included in it? First of all – grandparents, then parents. Then the children and finally the grandchildren.

Who should be the subject in the family? The one who knows the most and serves others the most. Whose knowledge, life experience and authority are indisputable? Grandfathers and grandmothers. Why? They occupy a position that requires more experience, and they really know more than anyone. Therefore, in the family, the grandfather is the most important.

None of us is able to travel around the world and love every person, so the Creator gave us the Universe in miniature, our own family. If you love your grandparents, He will say, “You have passed the test of your ability to love all the older people in the world.” If you love your parents, He will say, “You have passed the test of being able to love all the parents in the world.” If you love your spouse, He will say, “You are capable of loving all the men and women of the world.” If you love your children, He will say, “You are capable of loving all the children of the world.”

You must love the people of the world as you love your family members, regardless of their nationality, culture, age, or other factors. If your spouse goes to serve society, this is a great testament to your family achievements.
Your family is a school of love, train your ability to love while you are still in it, and you will be well prepared before going out into society. If you are asked, “Are you able to love the elderly, parents, and children?” and you can answer, “Yes,” then you have achieved everything that is necessary.