True love standard

Writing and etymology in Korean
참사랑의 기준
[chamsaran-ui kijun]
眞愛의 基準
眞愛 (참사랑) [chamsaran] – true love
基 (기) [кі] – basis
準 (준) [jun] – accurate, correct

Families may not be very different from one another in their way of life; people live, eat and work the same. But for every thousand families there will be a thousand different standards of love.

Humanity can be divided into two categories: one focuses more on the spiritual side of life, the other on the animal side. The two approaches are completely different. Families can also be classified according to whether they focus on spiritual qualities, or only on the animal side of life.

By observing only actions, it is not always easy to distinguish a person with an exalted soul from a person with the soul of an animal. The soul is invisible. Although the actions may be the same, the motivation behind them may be generous, or based on low feelings, which can be called the instinctive, animal soul. Do we want to live by the animal standard of love or by the human standard? The answer is obvious.

In addition to understanding the differences between animal and human love, it is important to understand horizontal love and vertical love. Vertical love is aimed at a higher reality and connects us with something other than ourselves.

Before a man loves his wife, he must concentrate on the higher dimension of love, then he can express true, vertical love. When a man simply goes towards a woman without having vertical love, he acts like an animal.

Heavenly Parent separated man and woman during the period or growth, but His desire was to bring them together at maturity. This is necessary for the development of horizontal love, as a base on which vertical love can be manifested.

The union of a man and a woman is destined to become the habitat of the Creator Himself. For Him, the most significant thing is not the degree of horizontal love, but the standard of true love. If such a standard is established, both horizontal and vertical love can develop and reach perfection.