Abilities and results

Writing and etymology in Korean
실력과 결과
[sillyeoggwa gyeolgwa]
技能 (실력) [sillyeog] abilities
結果 (결과) [gyeolgwa] results

We need to develop our abilities. Nevertheless, whatever our abilities may be, they will be of no use unless we invest effort. But even with all the effort, if we don’t have a personal foundation, it will also be in vain.

We need to go through a phase of preparation and empowerment. First, preparation and grounding are necessary, and second, opportunities and results. Whatever the results, it will all be for nothing, without opportunities. Preparation, foundation, and then opportunities and results. The most valuable of these are the foundation and the possibilities.

Every existence begins with a motive and then goes through a whole process of development before ending with a result. It is hard to say when there will be a result: if you work hard now, the result is sure to come. How wonderful when it appears unexpectedly!

We must have achievements to leave to posterity before we leave this world. We must not let it be that at the moment of death, reflecting on the life we have lived, we will suddenly say, “What a loser I am. We must live our lives in such a way as to say, “First I prepared well, then I worked valiantly and achieved victorious results.

What achievements will remain after us in history and become a tradition? Until now, only the achievements of people who lived their lives for others and had a spirit of self-sacrifice have survived in the world. Such people have gone down in history as saints, historical figures, and patriots.

The main thing is real achievements. It is not potential abilities that will unite the world, but concrete accomplishments.