Writing and etymology in Korean
天 (천) – Heaven
使 (사) – messenger

God created the world of angels before He created the physical Universe. Then, thanks to the angels, He created man using the elements of creation.

God is Lord, and we humans are His sons and daughters. On the one hand, angels were created as servants of God, so they are also servants to His children.

Angels are beings who serve God. Therefore, as soon as sons and daughters of God appear, they become lords of angels. Man’s position is such that he must command the angels.

Who was originally to instruct Adam and Eve? It should have been done by an archangel. Not God, but the angels, were to protect and raise Adam and Eve until they matured.

From God’s standpoint, the angels were to fulfill their duty as servants and become protectors for Adam and Eve. They were to create a perfect environment for them so that Adam and Eve could live forever in the kingdom of God. And then they themselves would live happily together with Adam and Eve, surrounded by God’s love. In other words, God created the angels and archangels for Adam and Eve. God, guided by parental love for Adam and Eve, created the angels for their benefit.

Originally, Adam and Eve were to be governed by angels in union with God.

The original sinless man has great value because he can rule over the world of angels and over the Universe.

God will seek us, and angels will appear to protect us as we become fragrant flowers in full bloom – people living for the highest good. This is the desire of heaven and earth.