International marriage

Writing and etymology in Korean
국제 결혼
[gugje gyeolhon]
國 (국) [gug] – country
際 (제) [je] – border
結 (결) [gyeol] – tie
婚 (혼) [hon] – marriage

Marriage is not just about the bride and groom. It creates close bonds between two families and promotes the unification and reconciliation of clans and countries. Each side accepts the other’s culture and overcomes the grievances and hatreds that have accumulated throughout history.

When a man and woman, who grew up in completely different cultural environments, form a harmonious couple in true love, they set an example of perfect harmony and unity.

Children in international families represent a new beginning for humanity beyond cultural or racial barriers. When this tendency is passed on from generation to generation, disunity and hostility between different nationalities, races and religions will melt away without a trace, and humanity will become one family living in a harmonious world.

Even if two religious groups have been at odds for centuries, peace can be established between them due to the fact that their representatives get married. In such a family spouses can not simply isolate themselves from the other just because the other was raised in a different tradition.

Love is the greatest power in the world. To unite the world, we need love, not violence. Humanity must strive to unite the world through the power of love. International and intercultural marriages are the fastest way to build an ideal and harmonious world on earth.