Writing and etymology in Korean
萬物 (만물) – all things
復歸 (복귀) – restoration

Manmulbokkwi is the use of creation for the purpose of good. It is also a process that restores trust between our family members, our neighbors, as well as between leaders and society.

We should not look down upon the material things in our lives; we must be thrifty in handling public money.

Leaders often misuse public money and material assets. They trample on people’s hearts by using the money that comes from good people for their own family! It’s like poisoning your own children! There can be no doubt about that. It is necessary to radically reform public leaders.

When we raise children, they should not do anything against their conscience, let alone use public money thoughtlessly. It’s better to starve!

People treasure everything that belongs to their loved ones, any little thing seems beautiful to them. At the same time, however, they do not know how to value the creation.

If a person loves food, believing that he eats and digests the fruits of love, and lives by it, if he eats with gratitude, he will not get sick.

Before you can directly love Heavenly Parent, learn to love the food you eat, love the materials from which things are made, love everything that exists, and also your own body from head to toe. Having loved all that exists, you will be able to love your body as well, because your body is made up of the elements of all things.