Writing and etymology in Korean
霊 (영) – spirit, deity
媒 (매) – mediator

People want to believe in the higher power, even though they have no idea what it is. People don’t know how to communicate with them by themselves and therefore resort to the help of shamans who perform occult rituals, or lock themselves within the walls of superstition and prejudice. In this way, they try to grope their way through the darkness, trying to find something. People have a tendency to do these things, though they don’t understand why.

Surely, you have heard of mediums, fortune-telling, and superstition. These are all similar to religion-and these forms of religious consciousness do not make a clear distinction between good and evil. Mediums and fortune-tellers will tell your fate and predict your future. They can really do this because they interact with certain spirits behind them. These spirits see some aspects of your life and reveal them. But they don’t see the big picture and can only tell you about this particular situation without understanding why or how it happened.

If a medium with a low level of spiritual development tries to cure your ailment, the spirits from the spirit world may get temporary satisfaction, but the problem will not be truly solved. There will be peace and quiet in your soul for a while, but very soon the problem may return and torment you again.

Mediums vary in their readings, for each one insists on a different point of view. This problem is inherent in all spiritually open people. If you take a hundred mediums, you will have a hundred different points of view. Being self-focused, they each believe that their viewpoint is the correct one.

The spirit world takes advantage of people living on earth through mediums, shamans, fortune-tellers, and similar people. If people allow mediums and spiritually open people to control them, they thereby allow spirits to command and use people living on earth for their purposes.

Until we learn to distinguish between good spiritual influence and evil influence, we cannot properly instruct and guide those who feel this influence.