Writing and etymology in Korean
自然 (자연) – nature
스러움 – feeling

Look at our world – everything exists in harmony. Everything is natural, harmonious and without a hint of awkwardness. Everything is designed to serve as a stimulus. No one will pay attention to unsightly things.

Even the most harmful germs disappear when they meet their natural enemies. The tiger is the dog’s natural enemy. At the sight of a tiger, the dog freezes, trembles with fear, and crawls away to hide in his kennel. Natural enemies help maintain a balance in nature, which has thus thought through all possible situations. People consider disease to be evil, but it is merely a natural function to protect from a higher level organism.

We should not fear death, for it comes in accordance with the natural order of things. It is merely a process of transition to a better world.

The positively and negatively charged poles of a magnet do not ask each other for mutual attraction. Everything happens naturally. Therefore, once your soul and body are ready to connect with true love, you will effortlessly and automatically find the right direction, whether east, west, north or south, and naturally fit into it.

The love of parents for their children does not arise only because they are connected to each other by a domestic relationship. That love comes from deep within. The bond of love in a parent’s heart is such that parents can neither forget it or break it, even if they wanted to. As they feel a living connection with their child, they feel their love for the child naturally born within their heart.