Prime cause

Writing and etymology in Korean
主要 (주요) [juyo] – main
原因 (원인) [won-in] – cause

What is more important, visible or invisible things? The subject of everything is something invisible. For example, any simple thing made by human hands was created as a result of the work of an invisible soul. We cannot see our soul, but we know that it exists, we know that everything originates in something invisible, be it a table, trees or anything else.

To make something l in the material world, you must first have a drawing. This means that we can say that there was someone who designed the drawing even before the advent of humanity. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, do we sense the idea of the one who created us? Even taking into account only our eyes, we can understand that even before their birth, there was someone with extensive knowledge in the natural sciences, including the structure of celestial bodies, the existence of the atmosphere, dust and everything else in the world. Every part of our body is carefully crafted to fit its purpose.

Were we born of our own free will? Did our parents know what we would become? Before we were born, did we think about what we would look like?

We can conclude that we are the result of something invisible and internal. Behind the birth of a person there is an invisible will, and likewise everything else is a consequence of an invisible cause.

If life has an Author, a Creator, He, as the cause of life, planned its goal and result in advance. We must accept the fact that someone worked hard to make our existence possible. When creating a human being, He had a detailed drawing.

Every morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, try to penetrate the secrets of your being. Everything that makes us up is made with such meticulousness that it works just perfectly.