Spark of love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑의 불꽃
[saran-ae bulkkot]
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love
火花 (불꽃) [bulkkot] – spark

The human body is made up of cells, and the original nature of these cells is to desire and enjoy love. We have a physical body that can be touched and a spiritual body that cannot be touched. However, it is the spiritual body that is the subject. Everything in us, both body and spirit, everything needs love, that’s how we were created. When our body and soul achieve perfect unity, we cannot escape true love, it will come to us and enter into us. True love is like a weld that binds our body and soul together.

Where can the soul and body come together in unity? Humanity is divided into poles, plus and minus, men and women. Men and women have their own unique genital organs, in which the entire nervous system is concentrated. These are the most important organs. If they are used properly it is good, but if not it is very bad. Both male and female genital organs are located in the center of the body. These organs are connected to their powerhouse, the Heavenly Parent. When plus and minus meet, a circuit is created and energy flows. A spark is created that symbolizes unity as well as creativity.

The spark between a man and a woman creates a magnetic field of love. From this spark, the entire creation begins to vibrate in unison with the magnetic field emanating from the Creator. The entire creation is like a love machine. Human beings are created as an internal part of this machine, while the universe itself is an external machine. Together they should vibrate at the same wavelength.

The ideal of creation is realized in the relationships between the perfect men and women, in their love based on the Creator. In this way a man and a woman come to God. Love was created as the highest and most beautiful thing, but due to the degradation of mankind, love has become the dirtiest, fake and low. If this did not happen, love between a man and a woman would always be the most sacred act, and every experience of it would become heavenly and full of joy.