Sphere of parent shimjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
부모의 심정권
[pumoe shimjeongwon]
父母의 心情圈
父母 (부모) [pumo] – parent
心情 (심정) [shimjeong ] – shimjeong (heart)
圈 (권) [gwon] – sphere

Even the best husbands and wives become parents only when they have children. A married couple acquires the status of parents when their first child is born and announces his arrival with the first cry. God created humans to be His objects and partners in joy. Likewise, a married couple produces and raises a child, thereby repeating God’s act of creation, experiencing through the relationship with their child – their object partner – an eternal joy similar to the joy of God.

By giving birth to children, parents become the living embodiment of the Creator. They experience joy in creating and feeding children. Through this experience parents inherit the shimjeong realm of true parents. They repeat the creation process by raising their own sons and daughters, based on their marital relationships. They draw strength from the consciousness that they act as a second creator and act on behalf of God.

Parents occupy the position of Heaven – that is why they are the center of the family. Children take the ground position. Heaven is the subject and earth is the object. Parents have a responsibility to raise their children and prepare them for marriage. Parents have a responsible task – to protect a pure lineage. They need to establish a tradition of continuing the family tree for their descendants. This is the only way to restore the original ideal of parents and perfect the sphere of parental shimjong.