Struggle between soul and body

Writing and etymology in Korean
영육간 투쟁
[yeong-yuggan tujaeng]
靈肉間 鬪爭
靈肉間 (영육간) [yeong-yuggan] – between soul and body
鬪爭 (투쟁) [tujaeng] – struggle

Throughout history, the struggle between people has not stopped. Where are the origins of this struggle? The reason is not in any family or country. The struggle in all its aspects is born in the relationship between the soul and body of each of us. We need to understand what is causing the problem. Until it is finally eliminated, there will be no end to the struggle. When unity between soul and body is finally achieved, the Creator can reveal His sovereignty, once and for all.

In what direction was history moving? It was the road of the body and the road of the soul. Whose side had the advantage? It was not the soul that was in the lead, but the body. Contrary to the fact that the soul should be at the origins of subjectivity, the leading position in the development of world history was captured by the body.

The body has never been willing to submit to the demands of the soul, and until this day humanity has tried to find a place where the body could comply with the desires of the soul. In order to end the struggle between soul and body, many people have gone through the thorny paths of religion, asceticism and education.

If we observe ourselves, we can notice that not everything happens the way our soul desires. We do not act as the soul tells us, capitulating to the demands of the body, and so on day after day. Having carefully examined the problem, we will come to the conclusion that we led a life in which the soul could not win the position of the subject, and in this place the body was always there, pushing the soul around.

This struggle continues within us, both in the past and in the present, it does not weaken. In it we constantly go up and down. The hope of the people is to stop this fight once and for all. The Heavenly Parent, who leads humanity behind Him, also always hoped for this.
Instead of seeing the end of this struggle in society, people should prepare a foundation within themselves. Until we find the starting point for a decisive victory within ourselves, we will not see the ideal world that we and the Creator desire.

We must gain the power to subjugate the body based on the dictates of the soul. Possessing such power, the soul will easily become a subject, and if the basis of such a victory is inherited by all people, then the beginning of a new ideology will be laid, opening the way to the formation of a new world.