Twenty one

Writing and etymology in Korean
스물하나 [seumulhana] (native)

The number 21 consists of three sevens; it symbolizes the three stages and also the perfection of everything. It is the number of perfection, a flawless number, which is obtained if you multiply seven by three stages. The number 21 encompasses the whole world.

The period of development includes three stages (formation, growth, and completion). The number 7 represents the stage of formation, 14 represents the stage of growth, and 21 represents the stage of completion. Each stage includes a seven-year path, so the developmental period is 21 years, after which a person enters the sphere of maturity. A person is considered an adult when he or she is 21 years old.

The twenty-first century is the time to return to the original world dreamed of by the Heavenly Parent. The age of material civilization will be replaced by the age of spiritual civilization, when the soul and spirit will come first. In this situation, it is necessary that developing countries do not repeat the mistake of the developed countries and do not fall into the trap of material values, but learn a lesson from this situation and strive for a world where mind and spirit will rule.

In the 21st century, humans will not be able to exercise rule over the earth or even live on it if they violate the fundamental principles of the Creator in doing so. For the future of humanity, people will need to build closer relationships with each other.

In the future, people will have no choice but to live in close unity with each other, transcending religions, nationalities, and races. The prospect of a one-world family will become a reality. People will not only have to understand representatives of other religions, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles, but they will also have to accept and interact with them. No one person or group of people will be able to selfishly cling to their corner of space.