Writing and etymology in Korean
이타적인 태도
[itajeog-in taedo]
利他的 態度
利他 (이타적) [itajeog] – altruistic
態度 (태도) [taedo] – attitude

True success can only come to a person with a public heart, working in the public sphere. The word “public” is a synonym for the word “unselfish”.

Nature provides us with food, we are its debtors. Does the air we breathe belong to us? Can sunlight or the food we eat be someone else’s property? Nothing belongs to us, in fact we are only temporary custodians of all these things leased to us. From the moment we were born, nothing belonged to us.

Nature is disgusted by a self-centered attitude. In this regard, we are all under close public surveillance. Living only for yourself in a socially oriented Universe is like striking matches while sitting on explosives! We are, of course, free to light matches, but society will indignantly call us a saboteur of the public good.

Love is a wonderful subject to talk about, but behind the facade of love there is always selfless dedication and service. Without such concrete actions, love cannot survive.

By demonstrating selfless love for your parents, you become a dutiful son, and by showing the same selfless, beautiful love for your nation, you will earn the title of patriot. By demonstrating such love for all humanity, you can be called a saint. The quality of this love is the same, since it began from the same starting point.

The greatest love in this universe is parental love. Any love that approaches it in its qualities is worthy of attention and sacred. The more selfless love is, the closer it is to parental love. It is the personification of sacrificial giving.

Selfless actions are doomed to success, because the original nature of every person strives to support them.