Writing and etymology in Korean

There are many people who are crazy about antiques and feel nostalgic for the past. Some people using completely fresh wood to build a house or make furniture, try to make it look old. They tapped it with hammers and covered with greasy stains; they may even make holes to give it a 100-year-old look.

Why do people do crazy things like this? Their actions express a person’s craving for history. This reflects the desire of our original nature. People want to remain in history, they want to overcome time.

The value of antiques is determined by their history. If you have something in your home that was used by your great-great-grandfather, then you have a personal connection with history. No amount of money can buy such value.

We emerged as a result of everything that our ancestors experienced. We are representatives of parental love, the fruit of their love, the fruit and reflection of thousands of years of history and traditions. Moreover, behind the events of human history is the Heavenly Parent. When we say “I”, our parents and God are automatically included in it; our “I” contains our past, present and future.

By doing bad things, we not only harm ourselves, we hurt the fruit of parental love. If parents see their child in great pain, they definitely feel that pain. And if there is something that brings us great joy, then both our parents and God will be pleased.

People today often take pride in themselves with a sense of superiority. However, even if there is reason for pride and their merits are recognized, how long will this recognition last? The people who saved nations and the world in the past were not the type to follow the usual path; they walked a path that no one else could take.