Cheon Il Guk

Writing and etymology in Korean
天 (천) [chon] – heaven
一 (일) [il] – one
國 (국) [guk] – country, nation (alternative character used in Japan – 国)

Cheonilguk – the country where two unite in true love.

The character cheon (天), meaning “heaven”, is composed of the characters “two” (二) and “people” (人). The word Cheonilguk (天一國) means the land where two people, man and woman, parents and children, brothers and sisters, are horizontally united with each other and vertically with the Heavenly Parent.

When two people achieve complete unity, their personalities complement each other and become one person; their common value becomes greater than it was separately. And then they can build a higher level of peace. This is Cheonilguk. It is achieved based on a family of three generations united by love. The Heavenly Parent resides in such a family. Each of us must create such a stable foundation.

Those who live for others bring unity, and those who ask others to live for them fail.